Hearing aids only address half the battle

Affordable Hearing Aids + Coaching

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most in-depth coaching for each one of our Hearing Aid users. We will not rest until every one of our Hearing Aid users feels confident and secure in their day-to-day Hearing Aid use. 

Your Hearing Loss Coach

Each one of our Hearing Loss Coaches have lifelong experience wearing Hearing Aids in school, workplace, social and family settings.  They are carefully selected for their ability to direct, train and comfort others in similar positions. With each Hearing Aid purchase, you will get unlimited access to our coaching team until you are 100% proficient in the operation and day-to-day use of your Hearing Aid. 

Our Background

The traditional model of Hearing Aid Delivery involves a "free" Hearing Test followed by a high-pressure sales pitch to spend thousands of dollars.  We are taking a different approach. We provide high-quality hearing aids at the lowest possible price. Purchase them when you are ready. We then offer an extensive online coaching process to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to be successful using your Hearing Aids. 


From our founder to coaches, we exclusively employ individuals with extensive personal Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid experience. We are always looking for motivated and positive individuals to join our team! 

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